Leading the way forward into an era of healthy farm animals without antibiotics.

Bioactive Peptides

We take nature’s most innovative anti-pathogen defense systems and re-engineer them for use as livestock health products. Rather than being broken down into amino acids, our bioactive peptides maintain their structure in the gut, fighting pathogens and optimizing intestinal health from inside the animal.

What you need to know about bioactive peptides

Reliable and effective

Potent, targeted inhibition of pathogens under physiological conditions means our product can consistently keep animals safe.

Does not create resistance

Unique mode of action means our product does not create bacterial resistance to itself or to antibiotics.

High palatability

Tasteless product can be administered routinely without effecting feed rates.

Optimising gut health

Beyond merely inhibiting bad bacteria, our products also have a defined industry-first host-dependent mode of action to improve intestinal health and increase feed uptake efficiency.

Better prices

Phages, antibody fragments, RNA, probiotics – many alternatives to antibiotics have been tried but costs are too high. With our patent pending production process, our products are already cost competitive with many incumbent alternative technologies.

Pratical administration

Reliable maintenance of activity after feed pelleting and intestinal transit enables direct addition to feed or drinking water. No need for expensive encapsulation or spray coating.