Antibiotics are out. Farmers need a new way to keep animals healthy

The Problem

80% of antibiotics are used in livestock instead of human health

For decades, farmers have relied on antibiotics not only to keep animals healthy and safe from disease, but also as gut health enhancing growth promoters to enable the production of more protein using less environmental inputs.

On the other hand,  the overuse of antibiotics has been shown to result in increasing resistance to antibiotics amongst human pathogens. Antibiotic resistant bacterial result in >700,000 human deaths every year.

With that, consumers are demanding antibiotic free.

Every year, more companies and governments ban antibiotic usage.


To get to zero antibiotics, a new approach is needed.

Moving away from antibiotics is essential. But current alternatives lack efficacy and are too expensive.

In the USA, the shift to No Antibiotics Ever (NAE ) production costs poultry farmers a 3% increase in production cost.

For swine, cattle and aquaculture species, it is currently infeasible to maintain animal welfare standards without antibiotics.

Different pathogens, management practices and facilities make going antibiotic-free especially hard for Asian farmers.

New animal health tools are needed.

Building on the advances in synthetic biology, Peptobiotics has created a new class of pathogen management solutions that offer the same efficacy and cost effectiveness as antibiotics, without causing bacterial resistance. We are advancing both therapeutic and growth promoting candidates across poultry, swine and shrimp aquaculture.