World first synthetic biology alternative to livestock antibiotics

The future of feed additives is synthetic biology

We make agriculture more productive, humane and sustainable by promoting growth and protecting against pathogens using a new type of antibiotic alternative that does not cause resistance.

Our recombinant peptides are synthetic biology products manufactured in a patent pending precision fermentation process. We are launching a range of products across livestock and aquaculture in Asia.

Innovating with nature

By leveraging advances in human medicine and synthetic biology, we are creating a new class of feed additives that can maximise animal welfare, gut health, feed conversion and growth with comparable performance to antibiotics – but without creating drug resistant superbugs.

Tailored solutions

Encompassing software, high-throughput screening and rational design, our pipeline allows us to create customised peptides for use in a variety of livestock targets and applications.

Our Technology

We employ our discovery pipeline to engineer custom recombinant peptides to replace animal antibiotics. Our patent pending production process makes peptide solutions cost competitive with conventional antibiotics. Our unique peptide sequences are engineered for efficacy, safety and scalability.

Our Team

Advisory Board

Prof Theo Niewold

Veterinary & Feed Additives

Renown industry consultant, academic and entrepreneur spanning feed additives, antibiotic alternatives and gut health.

Gary Hayen

Fermentation Products

Over 40 years of experience in animal health, fermentation and synbio including senior leadership roles at Amyris, Novus, and Kemin.

Benjamin So


Founder and Director of the largest feed additive company in the Philippines. Agrifeeds entrepreneur and angel investor.

Prof Robert Hancock

Peptide Biotechnology

World authority on peptide research with 800+ papers, 72+ patents, consultant to multiple Pharma MNCs, founded 3 peptide companies.

Dr David Lunn


Biotech entrepreneur and consultant. Director Revena and CXO OxSyBio. Imperial College London, Dow Chemical and DSM.
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